Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Bag I made for My Mom.....

I finally finished my bag and I am going to give it to my mom who is having a really rough time still dealing with my granny's passing. I figure one day I will come across more time to make me one but for now I will be off making all the items for Christmas gifts and donations. I need to get them done before they start the biopsy or any other testing so i know it is done.
Hope Yall like it.

Bad news at E.R.

So I was in pain on Tuesday night all night and it was awful. It was chest paina nd I was scared to death couldnt sleep a wink and no pain medicine would help. Off I go to the E.R. Wed. Morning and after almost 6 hours we finally get the word of what is going on. First off the chest wall was bruised somehow on the inside and on top of that I had gallbladder disease known to many as simply Gallstones and nice big ones and not at all comfortable. So then the dr goes and also on your ct scan we found what seems to be a good size xyst on your right breast which needs to be looked at immediatly. I guess I sat there for a few minutes and then it hit me no way does my family need this havent we been through enough. Now this my life seemed to almost stop why would I need to have this to deal with. I am still stund as i type this I will definitely keep you posted on the findings as I am heading to the specialist asap next week as soon as my referral gets put in. Now as I told my uncle the news today he then said we have got some serious problems it seems the dr also found a lump on his lungs yesterday at his already scheduled ct scan. So now I guess we can share a room as we go on the journey together. I pray that his is not cancer as my granny that just passed was his mom and he took it pretty hard. Now we sit here trying to figure out how to tell my mom who is actually out of town the findings.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Secret Pal Strikes Again

My secret pal is so sweet I have been spoiled by great emails and nice items here is my latest package....

Purse Swap Package

Today I got the mail man busy with receiving 2 boxes the first one was from my autumn purse swap pal Jennifer she is so sweet to send such a nice bag here are the pics of my items....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Hobby Making Bags

So I guess I am hooked literally lol.. But ever since i did the freeform bags for the purse swap i am hooked on making bags which is a bad thing in a way, since i am trying to get x-mas gifts done too. Only so much time in a day to hook as they say lol. I am pulling out a pattern that I have wanted to do for a long time and a woman who is very dear to me has finally talked me into it lol ok it wasnt that hard I was really just worried I couldnt do the pattern justice. I am a better freeformer than a pattern reader lol. So here it is the start of a new era.
I will keep ya'll updated... This picture is from earlier tonight before i even got done with the first panel im on the back panel now so maybe we will get lucky and it will turn out perfect. Ok well one can wish can't she?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finished Market Bag

Heres is my Market Bag At least the last one to be shipped out. I had fun freeforming them. Although I said i would stick to the pattern i kept going and didnt like the way it was looking so i went back and started freeforming and these turned out. Lol I know in the background the box says Ebay but it is off to my Secret Location. I just got the box from my neighbor who had them. Hope You Like....

Monday, October 1, 2007

Anniversary Shopping Spree

So our anniversary was September 27. We are on our 4th yr of happiness here. It also happened to be my hubby's 30th birthday. Woohooo.. Before yall say it yes we got married on his birthday and no it wasnt so he could always remember it lol he is a number man he remembers everything that has numbers in it lol. But it was great we got to go out to dinner and lunch and we also went shopping. This is what he bought me and I am so easy to please give me yarn and hooks anyday please lol. Below is the list due to pictures not being able to see the tags.

2 sets of Clover reflection crochet hooks. I love these they are ergonimic and so cute. Each set contains 3 hooks each and come with a cute little case that is color coded on top. The hooks sized are G H J K L N

1 susan bates Bamboo hook size J

i love this yarn in
Black 3
Coffee 3
Hot Rose 2
Auberyine 1

9 skeins of Vanna Whites new yarn

Yarn Bee 8 skeins

Sugars n Cream
7 mistletoe
3 faded denim

and 4 rolls of nylon size 18 in black for me to make a purse for his mom which he even picked out the pattern.

Could it get any better than that.....Actually Yes he also took off that day and friday to spend with me and the kids what a great man i have..............

CeCe is Better 100%

The vet gave our CeCe a clean bill of health she is back on heartworm meds and has gotten all her new shots and boosters. Thank God for this I dont know what we would have done if we would have lost her too. The kids are still ahving a hard time with CoCo being gone but each day it gets better with CeCe doing so good. I took these pics this mornign when she got up. She sleeps in a pen like area for now due to Austin getting up at night and stepping on her when he goes to potty. Poor thing he gets so sad too and doesnt make it when he does it so we put her a pen up in the kids room and it seems to be better.

1st Market Tote Finished Product

Here is my first finished market bag.

This is the upclose picture of the color.

Wip Market Bag

So I am on my second Market Bag. I am in love with this bag and making it just seems to come so easy to me. I am currently on my second bag in 24 hours lol. This time I am using the color Falling Leaves which is a Tlc Essentials Color. it is actually a lot darker than the picture shows. ill update the blog as soon as the bag is finished.