Sunday, April 29, 2007

My New Hooks

So the pictures are not the best due to not having a real camera i had to use my cell phone camera grrr. My other camera is dead and the charger is mia again lol.

The first here is my new lighted hook I am in love and am using it to due my new RR ( round Ripple)

This here is my new Magique hook set that i am going to use doing my thread crocheting since i am now doing this new cash for stash thingy lol that means try to use your stash no worries though you can steal buy yarn yes i know my hubby was excited till he heard i could still buy and since hobby lobby has a sale who knows huh lol...

Ok want to learn about my new item so we bought Halie and Austin some of those new skecher shoes kinda look like crocs but htey are skechers well the box is perfect for rolls of yarn and they have a great little whole in the ends to feed the yarn through im serious you have to try this.