Friday, August 31, 2007

Coco Dies Today

Ugh its been a long Day here....

They say when it rains it pours and boy let me tell you it is flooding... The last 2 days one of my puppies have been sick and had an upset stomach well last night he looked as he was feeling better and even jumpng on and off the couch he was a shitzus well we had 2 of them a girl adn a boy this am my hubby went to check on them and there the girl was wimpering over the boy dog who died late last night my kids are heartbroken of course we called the vet ran the girl to them to get her checked and now she is on a lot of meds and stuff but is going to be fine the boy we buried in my parents back yard it seems as thougha stray dog who we chased off of our property 5 days ago brought a virus with him and because we have always had our dogs shots and stuff they are now a year old monday we never thought anything serious was wrong we thought that the kids had fed the boy one something that didnt agree with him the vet says there was nothing that we could have done it happened so fast but we have saved our girl for now just a lot of babying im now trying to make new puppy toys and i need to make a new blanket for her as i had to throw away everything just to be safe and we had to get new dsihes and i guess ill make her a new bed she is so sad but she is eating good and the vet says she will be ok my kids especially austin is so sad since it was his dog.. sorry this is long just needed i guess to ge tit out to someone im trying so hard to be strong for them thanks for listening

Monday, August 27, 2007

8 Pocket Tote Crochet Along

Here is my progress so far.....
The yarn Im using so far is Sugar'n cream American Ombre

The Best Secret Pal!!!!!!!!!

Ok so truly I have been so spoiled this round in the autumn secret pal round i will just show you my first package i dont have a picture yet but i will go round up the stuff to ge tone but my latest one came with chocalate covered almonds and starbucks coffee and an awesome crocheted sachet for my drawers omg it is so awesome I cant Thank her enough you are so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Small Toy Swap Goodies

Here is Austin with his new Toys he is now asking for a matching coal car lol guess its a new project for mommy

Here is Halie And Her new Items she wont let anyone touch them...

Here is the items that came in the package today from wonderful Emily she is an awesome Crocheter and I am so happy to have gotten these the only thing that is not picture i now realize is the Avon Hand Creme Kit which is greta thanks sooooo much...