Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lets Make It Our Mission

So its 2008 and I decided this morning to check out my friends blog. Let me tell you about Jimbo. He is like the Grandpa I never had see my one and only i ever had died along with my Grandma when i was 2. Long story but thanks to a brain tumor he went a little crazy and the next morning my mom and dad were planning funerals. Lets skip to several years later when i decided that crocheting should become an Olympic sport and a wooden hook was a necessity. Off to search my fav website Crochetville in hope of finding a great hook idea. Then pops up Jimbo and let me tell you i drooled and drooled even begged to be allowed by my hubby to move up there near jimbo lol.
You see Jimbo is the type of man that would give you his shirt off his back if you needed it no questions asked and 2 hooks later one for me and one for my mom and lots of nice emails sending his support while my granny was passing away, I realized this man should be King.
I was always told that kids think their grandpas can do no wrong they can fix or solve any problem and do it with humor and in away that makes any 5 yr olds eyes light up and Jimbo he is this kinda guy. The guy that reminds me of my dad when my kids look up to him.
So all this comes back to my friend Donna saying take a look at Jimbos Website so off to surf the web i went.
I found this awesome article on his blog about an organization that he supported. I did as I was told by him and went to read up on it. I was floored it is an awesome organization and I want yall to check it out.

Also if you want to find out about Jimbo and see how awesome he is and why people like myself and Donna Love him check out his website.

I know many of you guys that read this might not be able to donate alot but even a dollar if you have it or send me a square ill make a donation for every square i recieve to this organization.

Lets help each other in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jimbo said...

now that's just about the sweetest thing anyone's said about me. You got me all red faced and fumbling for words.
Ah abut the FA thing, now THATS just a fantastic thing for you to do!
I'm just at a loss for words other than THANK YOU!!
(oh and i'm not such a great Grampa.. just ask my Grandson Colton when i tell him no desert if he doesn't eat dinner)
Thank you again Melissa... that's just so special.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting our efforts to defeat FA!

Dad to a 13-year-old daughter suffering from FA