Thursday, January 17, 2008

FA donation of squares

Ok ladies and any gentlemen We are needing squares the more the merrier and it is for a great cause
Donna and Myself are teaming up with Jimbo and going to make some awesome afghans to auction off with proceeds (minus shipping) going to FA.
I have been doing tons of research and actually have spoke with a couple of people that have children that have FA I would love for anyone who wants to help out to contact me at also if you want to share your story with us email it to me ill post it.
hopefully with our help we can defeat this aweful disease and teach it no to mess with our kids in honor if this charity collection i am taking my childrens pictures down and would love to post your childrens pictures up if you would like to send me these wonderful childrens pictures or Pictures as Adults so we can see the angels we are fighting for. I would also love to post stories as this evening a wonderful Lady sent me a story that I shared with my own daughter. Thanks so much..... Thanks everyone for helping out....

Ok after having my moment I was looking for squares to be any color and to be the size 6 or 8 inch squares or 2 1/2 inch squares so we can do one of the happy yellow house quiltghans would be great either way we want to do a couple of blankets to get more donations to the organization and please feel free to contact me at my email addy for my address thanks so much

**Color of squares does not matter for the 2 1/2 inch ones some bi color and plain ones would be fine**


angelfire said...

need details please

AfsWife said...

im in the process of doing that i had a little blonde moment and forgot that whole paragraph im sorry lol

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